Topics & Rules

There will be separate competition for Primary & Secondary school children.

Below are the competitions in Curiosity ‘2019

1.Project Demonstration.

      • For project demonstration, models, charts etc. can be used.
      • Project demonstration can be of a team of one or two students.
      • Each team will get 5 minutes to explain the project to judges.
      • PowerPoint presentation is not allowed this year.

Topics for project demonstration

Primary level 
1. Digestive system
2. Computer and internet
3. Electricity
4. Waste Management

Secondary level
1. Plastic pollution
2. Space mission and scope
3. Alternative source of energy
4. Water pollution

2.Science Quiz.

      • All questions will be science based.
      • Each team MUST have 2 participants.
      • A preliminary round of objective type questions will be done.
      • Only 4 teams from each level will be participating in final round.

3.Science poster competition

      • Please use posters of minimum A2 size.
      • Poster must be prepared at home which will be displayed and adjudged in the event.
      • Poster cannot be  fully digitally printed.
      • Posters can can use digitally printed images/maps/content etc.

Topics for science poster competition

Primary level 
1. Food safety
2. Endangered animals

Secondary level
1. Forest conservation.
2. Climate change