Curiosity Registration Topics & Rules

esSENSE Ireland - Curiosity 2020

Registration - Step 1

Please Note: Individual registration is required for each child.
Upon completion of the registration form, a link will be sent to your email address for validation and for completing the registration payment.
You will receive a confirmation of the registration when the payment is made online.
Tick here to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms & rules of the Curiosity 2020.
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Competitions, Topics & Rules

There will be separate competition for Primary & Secondary school children.

Below are the competitions in Curiosity ‘20.

1. Project Work & Demonstration

  • For project demonstration, models, charts etc. can be used.
  • Each student should explain the project in 5 minutes.
  • Take a video of the project and mail it to
  • You can also upload the video to google drive and email the link.

Topics for project demonstration

Primary level

1. Life style diseases and its remedies

2. One of the invention that changed human living

Secondary level

1. The Big Bang Theory

2. Sustainable Development

2.Science Quiz

  • All questions will be science based.
  • Science quiz will be conducted online at a specific time for all participants.
  • All questions will be objective type.
  • Quiz for Primary and Secondary will be conducted at 5pm on 30th October.
  • An email with link and password to online quiz will be mailed to all participants in advance.

Time: 20 minutes

3.Science Poster Designing

  • Please use posters of A2 size.
  • Poster cannot be fully digitally printed.
  • Posters can use digitally printed images/maps/content etc.
  • Take a picture of you holding your poster and send this picture and also the poster to

Topics for science poster competition

Primary level

1. Colours

2. Origin of Living Things

Secondary level

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Solar Radiations


4.Science Article

Topics for science article

Primary Level

1. Life after Covid

2. Space Tourism

Secondary level

1. Importance of Scientific Temper in our society.

2. Scope of electric vehicles